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KN95 vs N95 masks

Here’s most of a post I posted in another thread on this subject. I think it applies to this thread too:

…My source is my company, which is intimately involved in global supply and these products lines. We work with the US gov, foreign govs, FEMA, HHS, etc… we have Airbridge flights bringing material stateside, have manufacturing in dozens of foreign countries (including China), and really are the company the US comes to on global supply chain health.

The fact is, legitimate N95 mask production can not meet current global demand. It’s not just the US that needs them, every country is crying for them, and it’snot just our Fed and State gov’ts. Every major hospital system is trying to source direct from manufacturers, and they’re getting ripped off quite a bit.
I wasn’t kidding when I said current global demand is greater than 10x historical demand. No system can absorb that, even with the quadrupling of global manufacturing capacity.

Basically anything coming from any “new” source, is fake, misrepresented, or just non-existent, I.e a scam.
Just ask Gov Newsome and the United Healthcare Workers Union… Remember that “39 million N95 masks” the Union supposedly found?
They never existed. There weren’t any 39 million masks, probably weren’t even 39. Just a crook on the phone with big promises and no conscience.

We research and vet any new source of product that presents itself, and basically all are bogus. But we’ll do the due diligence, can’t leave any stone unturned in this environment.
The real sources for this material are pretty well known, and some have developed since the start of this, but those are generally existing companies that have shifted manufacturing and have been vetted and passed inspections. You’re not going to find them to order on some website, all their production goes to fill existing contracts. There aren’t any ‘over-runs’ or extras or returns.

China and other countries are consuming all the “KN95” or “K95” masks that are passing any kind of QC.
However, we won’t even distribute them. Their failure/counterfeit rate is too high, and the specs too loose. Plus they’re not NIOSH certified and can’t be used in US healthcare anyway.
The Feds have allowed industrial N95’s to be used in healthcare settings, temporarily. But those are being used in non procedure settings and there aren’t as many of those available.

I mean, buy what you want, it’s your money. but understand that unless you’re getting a known quantity from a trusted source, you’re certainly buying junk.
There are just too many scammers looking to make a quick buck on the fears of Americans, and there are far too few real N95 masks out there.
In short, you haven’t found some untapped source, or lucked into some mother-load somewhere. The Feds have effectively crushed the hoarder/resellers, so they’re not even a source now…

Just my 0.02, take it for what you will, but I’m living and breathing this crap for the last several months, and I’m trying to help fellow preppers avoid being ripped off.