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Hand Sanitizer Recall

Your FAQs about the Hand Sanitizer recall:

What is ethanol?
Ethanol is Alcohol made from Corn, Grain or Sugar Cane. Rocky’s source of Ethanol is derived from Corn. Ethanol is a chemical compound. It is the “alcohol” that is consumed in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol has other uses as well, and its disinfectant properties make it a common choice for use in hand sanitizers and other disinfectant products.

What is “USP” or “pharmaceutical-grade” ethanol?
“USP” stands for United States Pharmacopeia, which is a compendium that publishes quality and safety standards. Pharmaceutical-grade ethanol must meet certain purity standards, including maximum limits on the concentration of impurities that may be commonly found in ethanol.

What is “technical-grade” ethanol?
Technical grade ethanol has purity standards that are not as strict as pharmaceutical grade ethanol. Technical grade ethanol may contain acetaldehyde in the range of 800 to 1000 micrograms in every litre of ethanol. This is equivalent to a concentration of 800 to 1000 parts per million (ppm).

Health Canada has indicated that hand sanitizer containing technical-grade ethanol should have a warning label stating that it is not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or lactating. 

Why is there a recall on some batches of your Nomad Hand Sanitizer?
When the pandemic hit, Health Canada approved using technical-grade alcohol to manufacture hand sanitizer products. Some of our early batches (April – June) of the Lemongrass Nomad Hand Sanitizer included a diluted amount of this ingredient. They’ve recently advised us that any hand sanitizer that includes this type of alcohol now requires special labeling. The labeling on these batches doesn’t meet their requirements which is why it’s now being recalled. We want you to know that we haven’t used the technical grade alcohol in any other batches and that the products in the recall were tested by a third party lab and meets safety standards.

Should I avoid using hand sanitizer if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? I used your hand sanitizer containing technical grade alcohol while pregnant or on my child, was it safe?
The amount of exposure to high doses of technical grade ethanol and its effect on pregnant or breastfeeding women is uncertain so Health Canada has decided to recall any product that doesn’t include safety warnings around potential risks on the label.

Rocky tested its Nomad Hand Sanitizer (containing diluted technical grade ethanol) for impurities such as Acetaldehyde with a third party lab and deemed the product safe to use and in line with pharmaceutical grade alcohol. Health Canada has let us know that, even though the technical grade alcohol was tested and had no impurities and that we diluted it, we were non-compliant with our labelling so we are recalling these batches.

I can’t get to a store, but I have one at home. What do I need to do?
Contact our online store with a picture of the Hand Sanitizer with the batch date and we will mail you a new one

Where is the batch number on the product?
It is located on the bottom right of the label near the back and starts with an (L)- look for this:

image of hand sanitizer batch number.

What about your current Hand Sanitizer, how do I know this is safe to use?
Our current Nomad Hand Sanitizer only contains pharmaceutical grade alcohol and does not require any additional warnings on the label. It is safe to use on all adults and children over 2 years old.

How do I dispose of the one that I have, that is subject to a recall?
You should bring it to your local or municipal chemical disposal centre or ecocentre.

I purchased my recalled Hand Sanitizer from a Rocky Retailer, not the Rocky store online or in person. How can I receive a refund?
Great question! If you purchased a Hand Sanitizer from a Rocky Retailer that has since been recalled and would like a refund, the store that you purchased from will be able to refund you. Since your Hand Sanitizer was not purchased directly through Rocky, we, unfortunately, do not have your payment information on file to complete the return. If you would simply like to exchange your recalled Hand Sanitizer for a new bottle, we can help you at our Rocky stores or online by contacting

Which batches are affected?
04092001, 04092002, 04102001, 04102002, 04102003, 04102004, 04102005, 04102006, 04112001, 04112002, 04112003, 04112004, 04112005, 04142001, 04142002, 04142003, 04142004, 04142005, 04142006, 04142007, 04142008, 04142009, 04152001, 04152002, 04152003, 04152004, 04152005, 04162001, 04162002, 04162003, 04162004, 04162005, 04162006, 04172001, 04172002, 04172003, 04232003, 04232004, 04232005, 04232006, 04232007, 04232008, 04232009, 04232010, 04232011, 04242001, 042420010, 042420011, 042420012, 04242002, 04242003, 04242004, 04242005, 04242006, 04242007, 04242008, 04242009, 04252001, 04252002, 04252003, 04252004, 04252005, 04252006, 04252007, 04262001, 04262002, 04262003, 04262004, 04262005, 04262006, 04262007, 04262008, 00427200, 04282001, 04282002, 04282003, 04282004, 04282005, 04302001, 05032001, 05032002, 05032003, 05032004, 05032005, 05032006, 05032007, 05052001, 05052002, 05052003, 05052004, 05062001, 05062002, 05062003, 05062004, 05062005, 05062006, 05062007, 05072001, 05072002, 05072003, 05072004, 05072005, 05072006, 05082001, 05082002, 05082003, 05082004, 05122001, 05122002, 05122003, 05122004, 05132001, 05132002, 05132003, 05132004, 05142001, 05142002, 05152001, 05152002, 05152003, 05152004, 05162001, 05162002, 05162003, 05162004, 05162005, 05162006, 05212001, 05212002, 05212003, 05222001, 05222002, 05222003, 05232001, 05232002, 05232003, 05232004, 05232005, 05232006, 06022001, 06022002, 06042001, 06042002, 06042003, 06042004, 06052001, 06052002, 06052003, 06052004, 06052005, 06082001

What grade is the alcohol that you use?
We use pharmaceutical grade alcohol. That means our Hand Sanitizer is safe for use during pregnancy when used as directed. 

And the fun stuff!

True or false: Hand Sanitizer will destroy germs.

True! Our hand sanitizer is Health Canada certified and destroys germs.  

True or false: If I use hand sanitizer I don’t have to wash my hands.

False! Hand sanitizer is a wonderful complement to a proper handwashing routine to make sure you get any germs that may have been left behind. If you’re on the go and your hands are unsoiled, hand sanitizer will work to inactivate any germs on your skin. If you have visibly soiled or greasy hands, however, hand sanitizer may be less effective.

True or false: Hand sanitizer is just as good at cleaning my hands as soap and proper handwashing.

False! If your hands are visibly soiled — like after gardening, while you’re camping without access to running water or even after handling food, hand sanitizer will not be as effective as when used on clean, washed hands.

True or false: Hand sanitizer doesn’t even do anything.

False! Alcohol-based hand sanitizers that have been approved by Health Canada or another regulatory body do a great job of destroying germs on your skin. While proper handwashing is the first line of defense against germs, hand sanitizer works to destroy what is left behind on your skin. Washing your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds can remove the majority of germs living on your hands. Finishing your clean hands routine off with a hand sanitizer will give you peace of mind in case you missed a spot, or have any other germs lagging behind.

Image of hands pumping all-natural hand sanitizer into a palm of the other.

True or false: Children can’t use hand sanitizer.

True and false! Health Canada does not recommend hand sanitizer for use on children under two unless advised by a medical professional. We recommend children between the ages of two and 11 only use under adult supervision.

True or false: Hand Sanitizer will dry out my hands

False! Our all natural Nomad Hand Sanitizer is made with a mushroom-derived non-drying agent called Chitosan to keep your hands soft, clean and moisturized.

Image of 1 litre hand sanitizer surrounded by mushrooms.

True or false: Germs can become resistant to hand sanitizer.

True and false! Alcohol is the main germ-killing ingredient in hand sanitizers like ours, which is corn-derived and comes from a distillery in Canada. If you are using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you don’t need to worry and germs will not build up a resistance.


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