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COVID-19: Avoid these hand sanitizers that are recalled in Canada

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When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, it was all hands on deck.

That meant many companies and manufacturers had to re-tool and pivot to produce personal protective gear and cleaning supplies to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

Among those are a number of companies who received temporary approval to begin producing hand sanitizers. But not all hand sanitizers are created equal – and some have even been recalled.

Beginning in June, Health Canada began posting recall notices, with more issued or updated as needed.

Scroll down for a searchable database of all the hand sanitizers that have been recalled in Canada.The list will be updated as additional recalls are issued.

Recalls due to health risk:Some hand sanitizers available on the market have been found to contain ethanol or denaturants that are not safe for use or have not been approved or tested in Canada. They may cause dermatitis, skin irritation or cracking, eye irritation, upper respiratory irritation or headaches.